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What to do when the weather doesn’t cooperate

Early in January I traveled to Vermont to photograph winter scenes. I prepared for cold and snowy conditions purchasing snow pants, mittens with glove inserts and pocket for hand warmers, an Arctic expedition worthy jacket and waterproof boots. I expected cold and wet conditions for my early morning photo shoots. I had been in Vermont January 2022 and experienced -10 degrees Fahrenheit. I planned for these conditions.

As my plane approached the airport, I saw little snow on the ground. My vision was to capture images of drifts of snow piling up on open fields with bright red barns in the background. Looking out the plane window, all I saw was brown fields with dirty clumps of snow mounds. Not the winter playground I was hoping for.

My trip to Vermont was scheduled for ten days. Maybe the snow would come but in the meantime I had to find something to photograph. Instead of images of snow covered winter landscapes, I focused on more intimate images. Take the ground and most of the sky out of the image. Focus on details. I shot several red barns close ups, which focus on the weathered barn wood. I have posted a couple. There is always something to photograph. You just have to switch plans. My plan B was the barn details.

I did get my snow. After eight days, I woke to four and a half inches of new snow. Over the next couple of days, the snow kept coming down. I did get my fields of snow with a red barn, along with several other images.



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