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Life Through a Lens

"Life through a lens" chronicles my travels around the world discovering new places, beautiful nature, and amazing wildlife. Why life through a lens? Because my mind’s eye does not remember as vividly as my camera. Over the decades, I have traveled to 6 continents mostly with camera in hand photographing amazing images. 


When I look at my catalog of photos, they still bring back the memories of how terrific each trip was. Friends and family have shared in the anticipation of all my upcoming trips and have said as each trip approached, “can’t wait to see the photos.”   I have not been very good about sharing.  So, at long last, I am sharing with you some of the photos taken. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to make your own journeys.  There are many more adventures planned for my camera and me.  This is just the beginning.


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”  
-Susan Sontag
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